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Have you decided to renovate your yard and garden area? While many people have a tendency to neglect their garden, this is a part of your home that can offer you a great deal of pleasure…plus, it will give your house fantastic curb appeal, which is essential if you wish to sell your home one day.   Nicer yard = better selling price of your home. Not to mention, your neighbours will love you too if your yard is not an eyesore.  Don’t you want to have the yard that everyone envies?

You may think that doing this yourself will save you money…but in reality, it can actually be a really smart financial decision to hire a landscape contractor.

How can a landscape contractor save you money?

(1.)  Taking on the task of renovating your garden yourself is a huge undertaking.  Your garden is far more than just a patch of grass, and actually it involves many disciplines. Professional landscapers know which plants can grow where and which ones can grow together.  If this is not done properly, you may be doing this a few times before you get it right.

(2.)  They can help with outdoor lighting, heating, and water fountains etc.

(3.)  They know how to properly level soil to be able to set tiles.

(4.)  Landscape contractors have a wealth of experience when it comes to navigating and avoiding problems. They know what to check for before these problems arise and they know how best to deal with the issues when they can’t be avoided. This means that right away, using landscape contractors can help you to shave days off of your project and that means shaving a lot of money off of your bill.

(5.)  Landscape contractors will be able to supply the workmen with better instructions that come from a clearer understanding of each task – landscape contractors are Jacks of all trades who know how to handle everything from construction to lighting and they can help to make everything run smoothly.

(6.)  Not only can a landscape contractor save you money – they also help you to avoid unpredicted elements.  They can factor these unknown unknowns in to their predictions, giving a far more realistic deadline for completion and budget.

(7.)  Professional landscapers can also help you by telling you realistically what’s possible and what is not instead of taking on an impossible task that may bring on countless problems. They can warn you off of decisions that are going to be too costly or lead to too many problems and in that way they can save you a huge amount of money.

(8.)  By giving you a realistic timeline and budget, landscaping companies can help you to better plan for your future so you will know how to budget going forward.

(9.)  Landscape contractors can get you bulk discounts on things like tiles and lighting. This is because they will have many clients and buy large amounts of supplies.

(10.)  By using contractors you end up with a better end product and that means that (a) it’s longer before your garden needs more work and (b) you will be able to sell your home for more.

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Written by Terra Firma
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